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~A collaborative of professionals in Landscape Design/Installation ~ Plantscapes/Hardscapes ~ Natural Resource Evaluation/Assessment ~ Inland/Tidal Wetlands ~ Wildlife & Fisheries Surveys ~ Planning & Zoning

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About HGConnsoil, LLC

Cynthia Rabinowitz established Hidden Garden & Connsoil (HGConnsoil, LLC) in 1986 after several years as County Agriculture Agent with the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System. Since then HGConnsoil, LLC has evolved to a collaborative of professionals with a variety of science-based expertise. The firm provides ecological and wetland consulting services and permaculture design services.


HGConnsoil, LLC is comprised of credentialed professionals
collaborating as a multi-disciplinary firm with expertise in the following specialties:


  • Wetland Science
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Botany
  • Soil Science


In providing our clients with a full range of ecological and landscape design services, our emphasis is on the application of scientific principles for environmentally sound property development, with a priority on timeliness and cost-effectiveness. We present the issues and solutions clearly and take pride in achieving the efficient completion of projects for our clients.


At HGConnsoil, LLC we are dedicated to objectivity and committed to quality. We are aware of the necessity of integrating the practical constraints of economics and site plan requirements with the need to satisfy local, state, and federal regulations. These principles ensure clear, direct information and have earned us a distinguished reputation with property owners, public and private land agents, and regulatory agencies.


Science-based, ethically gounded, and forward looking, HGConnsoil, LLC is actively engaged in professional development through:


  • advisory roles on local land use organizations
  • as educator/consultant in institutional classroom settings
  • membership in professional societies


At the Center for Sustainable Living, we also conduct small group workshops and seminars on a variety of topics of interest to the public such as permaculture, soil health, seed starting, composting, etc.



~ C.M. Rabinowitz, Founder, Principal Scientist

~ List of Clients/Projects

The Hidden Garden & Connsoil, LLC 

P.O. Box 365, Bethlehem, Ct 06751
Phone: (203) 982-1884     Fax: (888) 241-5328